Funder Speed Dating

Funder Speed Dating is a favorite year after year in Starting Point. This year, we have decided to change it up a little bit.


  • You, as a student entrepreneur, will have the ability to first upload your pitch online, for open feedback on your pitch and idea.
  • The pitch can be no longer than 2 minutes, and must be submitted through a YouTube link.
  • We will then review all pitches submitted to us, and pick the top 20 video submissions to move on to our more traditional style of Funder Speed Dating. For those who aren’t familiar with that, you will then be given 5 minutes to pitch your idea to a judge at a table, and move on to the next judge when the time is up.
  • Who ever impresses the group of judges the most will win funding for their business ideas pitched.

To apply, please complete the form below